15.Jan JEREMY WARMSLEY - December
31.Jan DARKSOFT - Cybersecurity
15.Feb GRAVEYARD CLUB - Finally Found
29.Feb POSTCARDS - Spiderwebs
15.Mar DMA'S - Life Is A Game of Changing
31.Mar THE DEARS - The Worst In Us
15.Apr NEON WALTZ - Strung Up
30.Apr THE KILLERS - Caution
15.May SONDRE LERCHE - Why Would I Let You Go
31.May GRAVEYARD CLUB - Valens
15.Jun GRAVEYARD CLUB - Valens
30.Jun GRAVEYARD CLUB - Dreamland
15.Jul ANOTHER SKY - Brave Face
31.Jul SUFJAN STEVENS - My Rajneesh
15.Aug MEADOWLAKE - Loveless
15.Sep GLASVEGAS - Keep Me A Space
30.Sep JOENSUU 1685 - The Most Luckiest Man
15.Oct JOENSUU 1685 - All Around You
31.Oct JOENSUU 1685 - All Around You
15.Nov JOENSUU 1685 - All Around You
30.Nov THE HOLY - The Rocket Song
15.Dec CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH - Thousand Oaks
31.Dec BOOTCHY TEMPLE - Lost Future