15.Jan GIRL IN RED - Homecoming
31.Jan NEØV - Person I Used To Be
15.Feb TOY - Mechanism
28.Feb SUPERCAAN - The Bull
15.Mar ANNI B SWEET - Buen Viaje
31.Mar BAND OF SKULLS - Cool Your Battles
15.Apr GUIDED BY VOICES - The Rally Boys
30.Apr ROSBOROUGH - Burn Blue
15.May BUSINESS OF DREAMS - Ripe For Anarchy
31.May LOWLY - Baglaens
15.Jun SOON, SHE SAID - Marieske
30.Jun SOON, SHE SAID - Track The Days
15.Jul JON WIILDE - Casey
31.Jul VAR - Run
15.Aug W.H.LUNG - Second Death Of My Face
31.Aug JULIPER SKY - Heaven
15.Sep TEMPLES - You're Either On Something
30.Sep SWIM DEEP - Sail Away, Say Goodbye
31.Oct NICK MULVEY - In The Anthropocene
15.Nov JULIPER SKY - Waves
30.Nov BLUE HOUSE - Accelerate
15.Dec BLACK MARBLE - Private Show
31 Dec BOY & BEAR - Telescope