15.Jan LOW VS DIAMOND - Life After Love
31.Jan MORNING RUNNER - Have A Good Time
15.Feb NIGHTMARE OF YOU - Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf
28.Feb GHOSTS - Musical Chairs
15.Mar GHOSTS - Stay The Night
31.Mar GHOSTS - Stay The Night
15.Apr NO MAP - Before We're Taken
30.Apr LOW VS DIAMOND - Heart Attack
15.May GHOSTS - The World Is Outside
31.May EDITORS - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
15.Jun THE ENVY CORPS - Wires & Wool
15.Jul MAPS - You Don't Know Her Name
31.Jul EDITORS - An End Has A Start
15.Aug SHINY TOY GUNS - Don't Cry Out
31.Aug LOS PLANETAS - Deseando Una Cosa
15.Sep SHINY TOY GUNS - Don't Cry Out
30.Sep LOS PLANETAS - Deseando Una Cosa
15.Oct MIGHTY SIX NINETY - Mistakes Like These
31.Oct BOY KILL BOY - No Conversation
15.Nov EDITORS - The Racing Rats
30.Nov CORRECTO - Joni
15.Dec KUBICHEK - Method Acting
31.Dec THE MOTHS - Valentine