15.Jan MEW - Why Are You Looking Grave?
31.Jan DELAYS - Valentine
15.Feb SECRET MACHINES - Alone, Jealous And Stoned
28.Feb ELEFANT - The Clown
15.Mar MEW - Why Are You Looking Grave?
31.Mar HOPE OF THE STATES - Blood Meridian
15.Apr MY ARCHITECTS - Under The Pines
30.Apr MEW - The Zookeeper's boy
15.May FOREIGN BORN - The Entryway
31.May GLEDHILL - Resurrect Me
15.Jun GHOSTLY MAN - Capital
30.Jun LORRAINE - Transatlantic Flight
15.Jul THE HOME WRECKERS CLUB - What Went Wrong
31.Jul KEANE - Crystal Ball
15.Aug BELLE & SEBASTIAN - Another Sunny Day
31.Aug BADLY DRAWN BOY - Born In The UK
15.Sep LORRAINE - Transatlantic Flight
30.Sep JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD - That's Not Way To Tell A
15.Oct HOWLING BELLS - Setting Sun
31.Oct LUXEMBOURG - We Only Stayed Together For The Kids
15.Nov LOW VS DIAMOND - Life After Love
30.Nov NEW RHODES - The History Of Britain
15.Dec PURESSENCE - Palisades
31.Dec HEADLIGHTS - Put Us Back Together Right