10.Jan LOOPSIDE - I Can't Keep My Eyes Out Of You (Demo)
20.Jan THE STONE ROSES - Ten Storey Love Song
30.Jan SALAD - Drink The Elixir
10.Feb MORRISSEY - Boxers
20.Feb ESPECIE SUB - Peces
01.Mar BELLY - Seal My Fate
10.Mar ESPECIE SUB - Around The Moon
20.Mar GENE - Haunted By You
30.Mar GENE - Haunted By You
15.Apr MARION - Vanessa
30.Apr IVY - No Guarantee
15.May INOXIDABLES - Angel (Demo)
31.May NEW ORDER - 1963
15.Jun DUBSTAR - Stars
30.Jun DUBSTAR - Stars
15.Jul GENE - London, Can You Wait?
31.Jul BRAINPOOL - Holidays
15.Aug SUPERGRASS - Alright
31.Aug SUPERGRASS - Alright
15.Sep BUFFALO TOM - Summer
30.Sep ECHOBELLY - Car Fiction
15.Oct OASIS - Roll With It
31.Oct MY FAVORITE - Absolute Beginners Again
15.Nov THE CARDIGANS - Carnival
30.Nov ASH - Angel Interceptor
15.Dec THE POPGUNS - Star
31.Dec THE BLUETONES - Bluetonic
This colour indicates Spanish artists