10.Jan SAINT ETIENNE - I Was Born On Christmas Day
20.Jan THE DIVINE COMEDY - Your Daddy's Car
30.Jan COCTEAU TWINS - Winter Wonderland
10.Feb AND ALSO THE TREES - Dialogue
20.Feb ECHOBELLY - Give Her A Gun
01.Mar 18 WHEELER - Suncrush
10.Mar MARILYN'S DREAM - Under The Water (Demo)
20.Mar STEREOLAB - French Disko
30.Mar LA ESPECIE - Last Drop (Demo)
10.Apr INOXIDABLES - Azul (Demo)
20.Apr LUSH - The Childcatcher
30.Apr LUSH - The Childcatcher
10.May MADDER ROSE - Panic On
20.May RIDE - Let's Get Lost
30.May MARION - Violent Men
10.Jun RIDE - Only Now
20.Jun PARKINSON DC - They Don't Know
30.Jun RIDE - Only Now
10.Jul PULP - Seconds
20.Jul PULP - Seconds
30.Jul STEREOLAB - Ping Pong
10.Aug STEREOLAB - Ping Pong
20.Aug LUSH - Kiss Chase
30.Aug OASIS - Live Forever
10.Sep KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION - Now It's Time To Say Goodbye
20.Sep KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION - Now It's Time To Say Goodbye
30.Sep VELOCITY GIRL - There's Only One Thing Left To Say
10.Oct STRANGELOVE - The Return Of The Real Me
20.Oct LUSH - White Wood
30.Oct SUEDE - The Wild Ones
10.Nov SUEDE - The Wild Ones
20.Nov GENE - Be My Light Be My Guide
30.Nov SOAP - "Otherwise" (Demo)
10.Dec CRANK - Why Don't You Try It Again? (Demo)
20.Dec OASIS - Whatever
30.Dec PARKINSON DC - Cows
This colour indicates Spanish artists