JORGE TOMAS TOP 40 started in April 12th, 1985. For the 5 first weeks the chart
was a Top 25 only. It was in its 6th week when it became a
Top 40 until today.

* From 1985 to
10 May 1993 it was a weekly chart.
* From
10 May 1993 to 30 March 1995 the chart was published every 10 days (the chart
dates being the 10th, 20th & 30th days of each month).
* From
30 March 1995 until today the chart is published every 2 weeks (the chart dates
being the 15th & 30th days of every month)

Every song I like at the moment is eligible for the chart, that means not only singles are
listed. Also album tracks, singles B-sides or even demos can make the chart.

It is also not necessary that the song is released. Many songs make the chart weeks before
its release.

As you can see most of the songs in the chart are by UK acts but as I live in Spain there are
always several songs by Spanish artists.
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(written in September 2001)

I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1972. Music has always been my real
passion since I was a small kid. For some strange reason I have
always been mad about
Music Charts. I remember making my first
chart with the music I liked at that moment in...1980.
Apart from compiling my own chart since 1985, I follow every week
all the Music Charts in the world especially the
UK Singles Chart
which is the most accurate and the most exciting in the world.

As you must have realised by now, the music I like is basically pop-rock or what we could
'indie' especially from UK bands. But there are other music that I like: don't tell
anybody but apart from Charts my other passion is
Eurovision Song Contest (well, it's
more the show in itself than the music what I like). I remember watching my first
Eurovision Song Contest in 1978 when I wasn't even 6 years old. Since then I watch the
show every year and...yes, I can sing every song from every country from every year.

But this is not the only Festival I enjoy. You can tell everybody that I go every year since
1995 to the
Benicassim Festival. For those outside Spain I'll tell you that this is a Music
Festival which takes place every August in Benicassim, Spain where the most important
indie bands play live. The list of bands I've seen there is amazing. I'll mention Suede, Pulp,
The Cure, Oasis, Ash, The Divine Comedy, Lush, James, Manic Street Preachers, Los
Planetas, Belle & Sebastian, Radiohead and hundreds of bands.

Another personal big passion is
radio. I listened to Top40 radio stations as every kid in the
world but in May 1985 I found by chance a radio show called 'Rock 3' conducted by
and that changed my life. Because of him I could discover all the indie UK bands
from the late 80's. I'd also like to include another radio show which I listened to in the
early 90's being 'La Conjura De Las Danzas' conducted by
Jorge Albi. I never lose the hope
of having my own radio show.

My favourite city in the world apart from Madrid is
London. Since I went to the UK for the
first time in August 1988 I fell in love with London and since then I´ve been there at least
once every year.

My favourite band ever is
The Smiths. Even though they just lasted for 4 years, I was
lucky to live this moment  following every record they released with a magic feeling of
being living a wonderful moment. I'm sure that many of you also felt the same by that
time. In the 80's other bands I liked were
The Cure and Cocteau Twins. The 80's were
the best time ever for Spanish pop music. My favourite Spanish bands come from that
Golpes Bajos and La Dama Se Esconde.
From the 90's I'll mention
Lush and Pulp and Spanish indie heroes Los Planetas. And
apart from all these bands there are two record labels that deserve to be mentioned being
Sarah Records and Creation Records.

I've always wanted to work in a
Record Company or a Radio Station but I ended up
working as an economist which isn't so exciting. So if you own one of these two things, make
my life happier and call me. You won't regret.

That's all. I hope you enjoy this website. If you discover only a band or a song that you had
no idea they existed and you like it, this website will have been a success.

Feel free to say what you want.

Jorge Tomas
September 2001
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