EDITION 981: 31 January 2016
1. (4) HALF MOON RUN - Turn Your Love
2. (2) GEORGE COSBY - Ritual Blush
3. (11) PLASTIC MERMAIDS - Painted Lady
4. (1) MANSIONAIR - Speak Easy
5. (3) COURTEENERS - Small Bones
6. (6) RHINOS ARE PEOPLE TOO - Abaddon
7. (5) SEAS - Sadness Nap
8. (25) SAGE - One Last Star
9. (7) VICTORIES AT SEA - Bloom
10. (17) SAMEBLOD - Echo
11. (10) KENSINGTON - Done With It
12. (30) HALF MOON RUN -
I Can't Figure Out What's Going On
13. (8) AIR FORMATION - The Wasted Days
14. (9) FOALS - A Knife In The Ocean
15. (31) TRIANGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO - Baila Sumeria
16. (12) ANTEROS - Anteros
17. (16) CITY CALM DOWN - Wandering
18. (14) LAURA PALMER - Glow Of Television
19. (24) COLECCIONISTAS - Así Salga Bien
20. (21) SUEDE - Outsiders
21. (23) DRY THE RIVER - Coast
NEW 22. GOLD CELESTE - Is This What You Could Not Do?
Debut hit. 3-piece band based in Oslo, Norway. This is the single taken from their debut
album 'The Glow'.
23. (28) MERCURY REV - Coming Up For Air
24. (29) THE CROOKES - The World Is Waiting
Debut hit. Japanese Breakfast is Michelle Zauner from Philadelphia who is also a member
of the band Little Big League. This single is taken from her album 'Psychopomp'.
NEW 26. THE MACCABEES - Kamakura
7th hit. After reaching Number One with 2 songs last year ('Marks To Prove It' and the #1
song of 2015 'Something Like Happiness') here comes the 4th single taken from their
current album 'Marks To Prove It'.
27. (26) ODIO PARIS - Camposanto
28. (27) SANS PARADE - Hyperborea
NEW 29. AFFAIRS - Play
3rd hit. 5-piece band from Manchester who reached the chart last year with 'Blood
Science' and 'Brothers'. This is their new single.
NEW 30. THE CORAL - Miss Fortune
5th hit. The Liverpool band are back with the album ‘Distance Inbetween’ and this song as
their new single. It becomes their biggest hit ever in the chart.
31. (35) SANTOS - Ficción
32. (36) A SILENT FILM - Losing Hand
NEW 33. TOULOUSE - Sir Isaac Newton
Debut hit. 3-piece band from Granada, Spain who have released their second album
'Realidad y Metáfora' with this song as the single from it.
34. (40) KYTES - On The Run
Debut hit. Male-female duo from Pennsylvania. This new single is taken from their third
album 'Break'.
NEW 36. OPUS ORANGE - It's What I Do
Debut hit. This band from Santa Monica have just released their new album 'Anatomic'
with his song as a single.
NEW 37. DEPORTEES - Born To Be Loved
2nd hit.  4-piece band from Sweden who reached the chart a couple of months ago with
'Love Me Like I'm Gone'. This is another single taken from their album 'The Big Sleep'.
NEW 38. PUBLIC ACCESS TV - On Location
Debut hit. 4-piece band from New York releasing their self-titled debut LP these days.
This is their brand new single.
NEW 39. CHIRPING - Heist
2nd hit. 4-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden who made the chart with 'Ambitions' a
year ago. This is their new single taken from their new EP 'Dancing With The Stars'.
NEW 40. MATTHEW E. WHITE (feat. Natalie Prass) - Cool Out
Debut hit. The singer and songwriter from Richmond, Virginia has teamed up with fellow
countrywoman Natalie Prass for his new single.
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