EDITION 988: 15 May 2016
1. (3) NEW ORDER (feat. Brandon Flowers) - Superheated
5th Number One and first in 21 years!
2. (1) THE BOXER REBELLION - Big Ideas
3. (6) WALKING MISERY - Stay
4. (4) ON DEAD WAVES - Blue Inside
5. (5) THE BOXER REBELLION - Keep Me Close
6. (7) MATING RITUAL (ft. Lizzy Land) - Cold
7. (9) RA RA RIOT - I Need Your Light
8. (2) PLASTIC FLOWERS - Diver
9. (31) FATHERSON - Just Past The Point Of Breaking
10. (13) HIGHASAKITE - Golden Ticket
11. (8) TRIANGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO - Baila Sumeria
12. (10) MARONDA - Nefertiti
13. (11) SR.CHINARRO (feat. Soleá Morente) - El Progreso
14. (12) BRETT - Claire Drained
15. (18) RUN RIVER NORTH - 29
16. (29) KING CHARLES - Lady Of The River
17. (17) ANTEROS - Breakfast
18. (30) CASTLECOMER - The Noise
19. (21) MEW - Count To Ten
20. (22) DAY WAVE - Deadbeat Girl
21. (23) FEW BITS - Do Your Best
22. (24) SANS PARADE - Of Airplanes, Departures and Transitions
23. (25) BILL RYDER-JONES - You Can't Hide A Light With The Dark
NEW 24. SCHOOL'94 - Common Sense
2nd hit. This 4-piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden spent a whole month at Number One in January
2015 with 'Easier' from their 'Like You' becoming one of the biggest hits in the chart in recent years. They
have a new EP 'Bound' and this is the first single from it.
25. (26) JOSEF SALVAT - Constant Runners
NEW 26. DRAA - Losing My Charm
Debut hit. 4-piece band from Phoenix, Arizona. They had their 'Draa' EP out last year and here it is their
brand new single.
NEW 27. ALICE ON THE ROOF - Easy Come Easy Go
Debut hit. Female singer from Mons, Belgium. This single is taken from her debut album 'Brighter'.
28. (35) TORCHES - Future
29. (32) MULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Build Another Brick
30. (37) LIGHT WHEEL - I Want To Expand
NEW 31. BAIO - Don't Fight Fate
2nd hit. Solo project of  Chris Baio, bass player in Vampire Weekend. He reached the chart last year with
the single 'Sister Of Pearl' from his debut album ?The Names'. This is his brand new song.
32. (34) MERCURY REV - Rainy Day Record
33. (38) TRIANGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO - Nuestro Siglo Fnord
34. (40) VERONICA MAGGIO - Den Första Är Alltid Gratis
35. (39) SEAWAVES - My Ecstasy
NEW 36. REMOTE PLACES - Places You Go
Debut hit. Solo project of Justin Geller, half of the duo Pink Skull. This is the lead track from the EP
'Nights and Weekends'.
NEW 37. SØREN JUUL - Dear Child
Debut hit. Danish singer who previously recorded under the moniker Indians. He is releasing his first
album under his own name 'This Moment' with this song as a single.
NEW 38. BAND OF HORSES - Casual Party
2nd hit. It's been 8 years since the Seattle band last made the chart with 'No One's Gonna Love You' (a #14
hit in 2008). They're back with their 5th album 'Why Are You OK' with this song as a single.
Debut hit. Duo from Brooklyn formed by Aaron Closson and Nolan Thies. This song came quite close to
make the chart in November 2011 when released at the 'Caroline' EP. Now it's released as the single from
their debut LP 'Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night'.
NEW 40. WEIRDO - Butter
Debut hit. Little is known about Weirdo. He has been working in the industry as a songwriter and now
resides in Germany after growing up in the UK. This is one of his 2 songs he's released so far.
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